Celebrate what your body can do

Ciara Corrigan, Unbreakable Training, Christchurch

James Orritt, Unbreakable Training, Christchurch

Lia Chapman, Unbreakable Training, Christchurch

"Celebrate what your body can do" is a workshop that focuses on the importance of moving, the brilliant things that our bodies are capable of and bringing passion and enjoyment into exercise. The workshop includes - The benefits of moving; physical health, mental health, human connection/interaction along with some different examples of how we can move. - Team workouts that demonstrate some of those different ways that we can exercise. - The importance of fueling your body well in order to get the most out of moving - Stories from our trainers who each have really diverse experiences in different areas of sport and training. The purpose of the workshop is to demonstrate that there are many, many different options for physical exercise, that the importance spans far greater than being good at something and that there are different paths for everybody dependent on what they enjoy doing!

Hamish Keown