Community Law Kōrero

Julia Yoo, Luke Smeele, Michelle Lomax, Adrienne Paul, Reece Papuni (All from Community law Canterbury)

These sessions will not only identify what general rights people have, but they are also a great way to learn about and practice preventative measures. Education sessions will be tailored to a specific area of law that may apply to the general public. The information given will be generic information, meaning that the information’s specific application will be dependent on individual circumstances. These sessions can also benefit navigators and other staff working with Youth, increasing their knowledge and skill set around particular areas of law. Specifically, CLC understand that youth are often hesitant to obtain legal advice. By attending these sessions, CLC aims to build relationships with specific navigators and staff. This is so that such staff can assist their clients who may need, but be hesitant, to approach CLC for legal advice.

Hamish Keown