Get Your Brain To Be Quiet(er)

Frances Young Wellbeing Therapist - Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner

We know that within the emotional areas of the brain (limbic system) our amygdala (our brain's guard dog) and hippocampus control emotion and memory. As teenagers we use our amygdala more than our prefrontal cortex (moderator). In other words, in our adolescent years we are using our emotions to try and understand emotions this equals BIG STRESS. For anyone attending this workshop – Havening Techniques® will teach you to calm down your brain for those times when it gets so busy you think it’ll explode. You will be able to think more clearly and release your amygdala (brain's anxious guard dog) to be more relaxed. Remarkably effective, deceptively simple, Havening Techniques® help young people win their fight against the 'mass generational [quasi-]"heroin[-type"] addiction' [and] 'death of focus and self-soothing' due to the dominance of [screen-time]’ (quote stolen from Mom played by Pamela Adlon in S3 E1 of 'Better Things'). This workshop is guaranteed to be enjoyable for anyone who can sit comfortably for an hour.

Hamish Keown