ReVision: Youth Voices in Places & Spaces

Tayla Reece, Youth Voice Canterbury, Christchurch.

Ideal for planners, managers and developers of places & spaces that young people frequent, or just anyone who works in places with lots of young people! Youth Voice Canterbury hold several resources to help enhance the youth friendliness of a space and ensure youth voices are heard in the development and management of places & spaces from parks to bus stops, libraries and youth organisations. Come along and hear about the Youth Relevant Design Check Card including principles to make a space youth-friendly, and the Youth Spaces Audit which provides a framework for young people to be directly involved in auditing the youth friendliness of a place.

Key takeaways:

• What do we mean by youth participation?

• Benefits to involving youth voice in planning and use of places and spaces

• Get a copy of the Youth Relevant Design Check Card

• Learn about the Youth Spaces Audit

• Hear about the YVC ReVision Initiative to implement the Youth Spaces Audit in Canterbury

Hamish Keown