The Youth Declaration 2019

Victoria Rhodes-Carlin, Aotearoa Youth Declaration Coordinator

Aotearoa Youth Declaration (AYD) is excited to present The Youth Declaration 2019, a visionary call to action from rangatahi about the future they want. It is a document created by hundreds of youth from across the country at the AYD conference. This presentation will breakdown the challenges rangatahi face, exploring the problems they have identified in our society. Young people’s greatest concern is their mental health and the crisis of climate change. The Youth Declaration covers 66 specific solutions, ranging from biodiversity loss to prisoner voting rights. The Youth Declaration is a policy document that is not only designed for decision-makers to refer to, but it is also a call to action to meaningfully involve rangatahi in decision-making processes. Too often young people are left out, undervalued, or involved tokenistically. We will present on meaningful ways to include and value rangatahi and how to maximise their potential in decision-making processes.

Hamish Keown