What's old should be new again: Using Ancient Wisdom for Modern Challenges

Billy Osteen, University of Canterbury

The 2010 and 2011 earthquakes and the recent March 15, 2019 shootings have unfortunately provided people in Christchurch with the ongoing need of determining how to respond to overwhelming challenges. The youth led response of the Student Volunteer Army was inspiring around the world and closer to home in leading the University of Canterbury to embrace community engagement as one of four attributes for all graduates to have. In implementing this academic response to tragedy through having students provide service to our communities, we have found profound insights from ancient wisdom into what it means to be an engaged citizen and a compassionate and empathetic neighbor. This interactive session will invite participants to consider how old thoughts and principles apply to contemporary challenges and problems. It is expected that participants will leave the session with tangible ways of incorporating ancient ideas into their lives.

Hamish Keown