Hurunui District Council

Krystal Jennings - Hurunui District Council, Hurunui. Miriam Clark - Canterbury University. Tessa Allan, Zoe Watson, Bradley White, Roddy Murchison, Mackenzie Hynde, Ruth Buckland - Hurunui Youth Program, Hurunui District.

Check out our visual presentation showcasing The Hurunui Youth Kaitiakitanga project. This project is the result of the voices of 300 young people from the Hurunui district. Their message was very strong - Our young people want to feel connected to their local environment, they want to have the opportunity to learn the skills needed to protect their natural environment, to lead, to participate, and be the kaitiaki’s of local land designated for youth.
Youth Enviro leaders have identified a local section of land to be restored in the heart of our district, creating a youth zone and outdoor classroom for all young people and schools in the district to enjoy. Guardianship of this area has been handed over to the Hurunui Youth Kaitiakitanga Project.
This project showcases a collaboration between youth & Hurunui youth workers, Hurunui District Council, local environmental education staff, DoC, ECan and local Iwi and is heaps of fun!

Hamish Keown